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We may collect personal details from you when you visit our Website such as but not limited to your name, address, accommodation details, credit/debit card number and expiry date, billing details and telephone numbers (“Personal Information”) when you use our Website or our online booking service. Your credit/debit card details are only used to process the transaction you have requested and your card details are NOT stored or used in any other way by us. We may also collect Personal Information directly from you when you speak to us over the telephone or send us correspondence or submit a Guest Review or a review of our accommodation services. Our Website uses ‘cookies’ (small files saved in your browser) in order to collect information on how you and other internet users use this Website, in order to improve the Website and our services to you. Cookies do not identify you by name but they identify your IP address and allow us to track your visits and usage of this Website. We may also use Google Analytics and Facebook plugins in order to advertise our services, understand the effectiveness of these adverts and the effectiveness of our Website. Google Analytics collect and store cookies on a server in the USA in order to measure and report on site visits in aggregate. If you do not wish Google to collect cookies about your visits, please review the Google privacy policy and download and install the Google opt-out tool in your browser. If you do not want Facebook to understand that you visited our Website, make sure you are logged out of Facebook when you use our Website. I you do not want us to use cookies when you visit our Website, you can remove them from your browser, please consult help documentation for your browser. Generally, we use your Personal Information for the sole purpose of delivering our services to you, completing bookings on your behalf, and to ensure that we can efficiently manage and track your booking. The Personal Information we collect is not shared with third parties except where this is necessary to process and complete your bookings or payments, or other transactions on your behalf, to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, or to allow the relevant third parties to fulfil their obligations to you in providing the services that you requested. Such third parties may include without limitation: - • an online travel agency, a regional and local tourism organisations, a bank or a payment processor (for the processing of card payments) (“Booking Partners”). • of our contracted suppliers (for example any transport company we may use to arrange the relevant transfer, or eviivo Limited who supply our booking system and this Website to us) (“Suppliers”). • competent authority that we are legally required to share your Personal Information with (for example police, customs, tax or local health & safety authorities) (“Authorities”) Generally, Booking Partners and Suppliers are either bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy or required to comply with current applicable data protection regulations. Although this Data Protection Policy applies to Personal Information about you that may have been shared with third parties as described above, or provided to us by third parties, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of those third parties, and we will not be liable for those third parties’ data protection policies and practices. You have the right to request a copy of the Personal Information we hold about you, and you have the right to request that Your Personal Information be rectified, transferred elsewhere, and/or deleted from our systems. You also have the right to withdraw any consent previously given to us with regard to the collection and processing of Your Personal Information. To the extent that We have a legal obligation to hold Your Personal Information – for example the legal requirement to hold invoice information for up to multiple years, and the legal requirement to provide guest registration information to the local Authorities – the minimum information required, including Personal Information, shall be passed to the relevant Authorities and held until the legal requirement expires. If You wish to make a complaint about our data protection and privacy policy, including the rights given to you under the General Data Protection Regulations (‘GDPR’), you may contact us by telephone, email, letter or fax. Wherever possible, complaints will be dealt with promptly. Where applicable, if under the terms of this Data Protection Policy, we have passed or need to pass your Personal Information to a third party (Booking Partners, Suppliers, Authorities) for the sole purpose of delivering our services to you, or completing a booking or a payment or some other transaction on your behalf, you may need to direct any complaints and queries on data protection to these third parties also.

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